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June 3rd

Hello everyone! It's with great excitement that we would like to announce that we have a brand new album out! 'In Our Winters' is our fourth full-length album, and is available right now - YESSS!

This album has been a journey for us, but we're quite excited to share these songs with you all. We have once again enlisted our insanely talented brother, hombre and compatriot, Tim McTague of Underoath, to record and produce (and shred some lead licks) this album, and we're really pumped on how not only how these songs turned out, but feel that these are some of the best Preson Phillips songs yet (we know, we know, every band says that). These new songs incorporate a bit more rock elements with electric guitar and layers, and they encapsulate what we have been singing at our church for the past couple of years. We're looking forward to having you all hear and sing along with us to these.

Please know that ordering the album really does go straight to us, the band, and your support through purchasing the album is HUGE to us! It goes such a long way to supporting what we do, and allowing us to continue to record and put out music. So, thank you in advance. We also have some new merch available, so check that out too.

Also, we will be having a cd release show on June 7th in Tampa at the New World Brewery. Our good buds in MrENC and Brother Cephus will be playing as well, which will be awesome. Come get loud and sweaty with us:

Preson Phillips w/ Brother Cephus and MrENC

@ New World Brewery, Ybor City, FL

18&Up, $7, 8pm doors

As always, THANK YOU. Your support of independent music with your orders is vital to the advancement of the medium. Grace and Peace, Preson Phillips.


Pick up Preson Phillips merchandise such as t-shirts, cds, digital downloads and other merch through our official storefront. If you do enjoy our songs and albums, please consider purchasing our albums from our official storefront. The direct support allows us to continue to record and release more music into the future. Yeah!




In Our Winters

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Weep...He Loves The Mourners Tears

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The Observant and the Anawim

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Tampa Florida’s Preson Phillips has been called “a refreshing change from mainstream worship music [who’s] songs recall the wide-eyed fervor of the early 70‘s Jesus music artists” ~itunes staff review.

The music that he and the band records has a purpose: to be sung in corporate worship at the church in Tampa, Watermark, of which Preson is the lead pastor. With hymn-like lyrics and songs that are seemingly genre bending and timeless, the story of a world destroyed by sin and being set to rights by a self sacrificing savior ring deafeningly loud and call the listener to ponder their place in the story of Gods world.

With an americana influenced sound ranging from folk to alt/country, newcomers should expect a real, almost personal, connection with the emotions and ancient spirituality of the music of Preson Phillips.

Watermark Church Tampa

Watermark Church in Tampa is our home church where Tommy Preson Phillips is head pastor, and where Preson Phillips the band plays our songs to our living God.

We are a community who is attempting to live in the path of Jesus. (Spiritual Formation) We desire to be servants to Tampa (Social Justice) who live and speak the Gospel (Cultural Renewal). We come together during our Sunday gathering as well as at area house churches each week.

We are Tampa Bay residents who desire to glorify God and create a Christian community that is intimate and accessible. We love to express ourselves through art and music, but understand that our pursuit of God is our first priority. If you're ever in the area, we would love to have you.